Caveon’s innovations in testing include classic security favorites like Data Forensics℠ and Web Patrol®—but did you know that our test security innovations include such groundbreaking technologies as self-protecting test content and items that can live forever? You’re invited to explore and innovate right along with us.



Early adopters love them. What will you think of these game-changing testing innovations?

Discrete Option Multiple Choice™ (DOMC)

Discrete Option Multiple Choice (DOMC) is the long-awaited makeover for the multiple choice item type. With DOMC, options are randomly presented, one at a time. DOMC is proven to:


  • Prevent or deter many types of test fraud
  • Provide more accurate and useful test scores
  • Save money and time by reducing content exposure
  • Promote fairness

SmartItem™ Technology

The SmartItem—an innovation in education and self-protecting items—uses special technology during the development process to appear differently each time it is administered. SmartItem technology has been proven to:


  • Bolster overall test security
  • Reduce the effects of testwiseness and pre-knowledge on test scores
  • Disrupt ballooning development costs
  • Make testing more accessible and fair


Talking the talk is part of walking the walk, and it’s more than just “trends in assessment.” Producing innovative assessments is a culture here. We:

1. Keep Best Practices the Best

Caveon has been integral in pioneering many of the practices that are now considered “standard” in the testing industry. However, we recognize that with time, even the best practices become stagnant and out-of-date. At Caveon, we embrace the need for change and constantly observe, evaluate, and recalibrate our methodologies and security recommendations to keep “best practices” the best in an ever-evolving landscape.

2. Level the Playing Field

High-quality tests can have a powerful and positive impact on society. On the other hand, low-quality assessments can actually have the opposite effect. High-stakes tests are high-stakes in more than one way. They need to be quality, but they also need to be fair. We are constantly looking for new creative ways to level the playing field for all individuals whose futures are impacted by the quality and fairness of test results.

3. Cross Pollinate Ideas

Internally, our shrewd team of security experts at Caveon tends to approach topics of test security with fervor, sparking passionate debates and new ideas. When new ideas take root, we pride ourselves on our agility and ability to work together to quickly bring innovations in testing to life.

4. Learn from Others

Critics of the testing industry have a lot to teach us about what our field can do better. By listening to them, we can identify areas where industry standards and best practices can be improved and more easily achieved by everyone. We are proud to be in testing, and we show it by making tests better and better as often as we can.

5. Embrace Change

Change of any kind can be difficult to accept, let alone embrace. But we believe it’s important to do just that. Rather than fear the unknown, we believe in taking calculated steps into new frontiers—like reinventing the use of Multiple Choice items or reimagining what role proctoring should play in security. We find that giving change a big, warm hug serves our interests better in the long run.

6. Approach Security Holistically

Test security is about so much more than strong IT practices (although they play an important role). Strong exam security requires end-to-end design that effectively prevents, detects, deters, and reacts to all security threats. We are constantly anticipating and responding to test security trends with innovative security services and technology designed to protect your test scores in every way possible.


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Don’t just take our word for it:

“One of SailPoint’s core values is innovation, or developing creative solutions to real challenges. We teamed up with Caveon to do just that. Our SailPoint certification staff had been aware that IT certification programs can have their exams stolen within days of being released, and we wanted to ensure that any certification exams bearing the SailPoint imprimatur would be as secure as the available testing technology would permit. Therefore, in 2018, in our first certification ever, SailPoint decided to use the Caveon SmartItem for 100% of each exam. We confirmed the promised benefits of SmartItems, including stellar protection, reduced costs, psychometric quality, and more candidate preparation. Due to the very positive experience, SailPoint has begun developing a third exam using SmartItems.”

Arthur Altman
Program Manager, Global Education Services
Sailpoint Technologies Holdings

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